Careful, rework in progress

To keep the current CodinGamers excited and passionate, we're trying to regularly deliver new features to the platform. Sometimes though, you need to focus on the existing features, and check if they still fit in the global picture. This is way more complicated, but necessary. We've lately worked on the ranking system, the home page and the chat and we really can't wait to show it to you. This post is the opportunity to give you a heads up as to what changes are coming.

Level up!

There are several ways of enjoying CodinGame. In particular, there are some developers who prefer to resolve solo puzzles on their side and others who like to participate to multiplayer games (and of course some others enjoy doing both). However both behaviors enable you to gain CodinPoints to climb the global leaderboard. This is indeed a problem for several reasons:

- If you like competition and multiplayer games, there is no point in comparing yourself to a CodinGamer who never participated in one.
- On the other hand, if you like the solo part of CodinGame, you're more interested in your personal progression than your ranking among CodinGamers.
- As a new CodinGamer, this is quite demotivating to start from the bottom of a huge leaderboard.

This is why we have decided to add level and experience to your profile.

New profile page*

Levels represent your personal progression on CodinGame. Each time you solve a puzzle, get a contribution accepted or upvoted, etc, you get XP (experience point). Basically every CodinPoint (CP) you could get through achievements will now be XP.

Your progression is then different from your ranking which represents your performance in multiplayer games compared to the other CodinGamers. Every time you participate in a game that involves competition and leaderboard, you gain CP.

*The most observant readers will have noticed that your company and school are now visible on the profile page! On this topic we're still thinking of adding leaderboards per company or school. Stay tuned for updates ;)

There is no place like home

Adding more information (experience) to the profile page made us realize that we needed to simplify the way we display all the information. On this matter, we decided to put our efforts on the home page. A home page should be a central place from which we take directions to our next actions on the site. We've then reworked it with two main objectives:

- Simplify the display of information.
- Make the navigation on the site easier.

New home page*
On the left side you've got all the information about your current progression and ranking while you've got options on the right side for you next activities. Note that the options on the right may differ depending on your progression on the site. We feel it is clearer this way and we hope you will like it!
As this has been mentioned on the forum, the puzzle list is also getting reworked. There are several problems with this page. For example, today you have to scroll through the list of puzzles you have already resolved to see the hard ones. We're thus reworking it with the same objectives as above. We have no screenshot to show you yet as it is still in development.

*The most observant readers will have noticed that Codebusters contest is coming really soon. If you haven't registered yet, you can do it here

The chat

As you have probably seen, we're working on the chat. This has been explained in this thread of the forum. Long story short, we want to have a chat integrated within the platform. This way we will be able to integrate cool features to it.

New chat*
The current chat is a prototype, and is actually just a copy of the old IRC one. A new version is coming out soon. What will change is the following:

- The design will be way better, integrated in the platform. Links will be clickable. CodinGamers cards will be displayed when hovering them...
- Long messages will be automatically put into a pastebin with a link to it.
- Spam will be greatly reduced thanks to a server-side anti-spam system. Guests (unlogged users) will also just have read-only rights.
- Messages will be asynchronous, you will receive the messages sent while you were offline when you log in.

And more will come as we have many ideas to make the chat more useful, collaborative, informative and fun.

*Yes there is a blue star near [CG]VonRickroll in the chat. It means he has admin rights on it. I'm sure the most observant readers did not miss that.

We hope you'll like the reworks! In any case we really value your feedback so don't hesitate to tell us what you think!


  1. The ranking system rework is perfect,
    It used to be a lot, unfair, for a majority of coders that prefer solving puzzles
    But now it seems this issue will be solved!
    I'm hyped to see the new updates!

    1. I don't know if it will be perfect, but we definitely believe it will solve some problems. Really glad you like it :)

  2. Well... hopefully you don't have any level caps on the experience system... >.>'

    I will be the very best, like no one ever was xD

  3. i think, if You are changing interface, this is good time to change IDE a little. For example, there could be possibility to hide code section, when using sync and own editor

    1. unfortunately this is not planned in the near future. The IDE has already been reworked 6 months ago. However don't hesitate to share all your ideas about the IDE on the forum for example, or by mail if you prefer.

  4. Looks like a really nice and polished rework without any serious upheaval to how us codingamers use the site. Very nice work team :)

  5. So, today I became Mentor from Grand Master :(

    1. It doesn't change your skills ;).

      It just says that you're one in the top 5000 CodinGamers regarding multiplayer games.

  6. Interface is COOL!!
    But why??? Yestarday I was master... Now I am Rokkie... :(

    1. It only means you're a CodinGamer who doesn't play multiplayer games. Nothing else :)

  7. Two days ago Gourou, now Master...

    1. and still you're the same man :)

      This title is only linked to the multiplayer part of CodinGame.

  8. If YOu want people to like new ranking-recalculations-and-reorganizations, please make more prominent the level system. Currently in profile there is only 1 info about level number, and: info box about ranking infi, big chart box about ranking, big part "Coding points" and so on.

    If YOu want to split up levels and rankings, please treat them equaly. Split profile info into these 2 categories and make more prominent the one which is "leading" for particular developer.
    Additionally, to leveling, create ranking as well with infos e.g. how many developers reached this level, create ranking based on XP points (wich chart).

    Currently it looks for me so, that levels are useless even if You solve all of the puzzles. Then, ranking, coding points and multiplayer is extremely important and most prominent.

    Yesterday I was master, today I am craftsman with 106 points :) Nice...

    1. Hey Zolv,

      Thank you for your feedback. You're quite right. What I didn't highlight enough is that this rework is just a beginning. Profile will continue to change to become a better representation of your skills and not just a title and a number.

  9. Well, I understand you want to push people to multiplayer gamer challenges, but as for now there is not point and motivation to solve puzzles. There is a big discrepancy between the level of experience and the status Rookie. So please do two distinct rankings for those solving puzzles and playing multiplayer games, so that the status goes with the level of experience. Because if I understand it well you can be level 28 with status Rookie. Unfair...

    1. Please correct me if I'm wrong but the point and motivation of solving puzzles should not be just a title and a rank. You're working on improving your skills by doing this. What I want to tell you is that the rework is still on-going and codingamers playing solo puzzles will soon have a better developer profile. And we're not thinking about a new XP rank and title, just something which makes more sense for a developer. There is a forum post about this by the way.

      If you're level 28 and you have a rookie ranking title, it just means that you've never really got into multiplayer games which is totally fine. You could be doing a sport every day and be a great player, if you have participated in just one official competition, you would still be ranked quite low.