Build your own puzzle on CodinGame!

We are really excited to introduce to you the Community Puzzles! 

Just like you, we are builders. We love to play with code, create crazy things, destroy it and start all over again.
We love to be challenged as much as we love to challenge our peers. It has been a long time since you asked us to be able to create your own coding puzzles, so we’ve been doing some experimenting in order to launch the feature and allow you to create your own programming games :).

This is how it works:

  1. You create your own puzzle and submit it.
  2. Your puzzle is reviewed by the community and is up voted.
  3. The most up voted puzzles are reviewed by our team.
  4. Your puzzle goes alive. You can solve it and invite your friends to solve it!

Don’t be afraid to try! Experiment, Build, Break and Start all over again :)

Discover the feature here:

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