JobStore is taking a break


This summer, we launched the beta of a new service aiming at helping you find the job you like: CodinGame JobStore. The idea was to allow you to apply to companies you're interested in, on the basis of your coding skills mainly, and using your CodinGamer profile as a professional programmer portfolio. 

The concept was simple: you play/code, you achieve goals, you showcase what you can do, and you land a job that matches your needs (profile matching). Having asked you in a survey what you thought about the project, you were more than 80% to reply you liked the idea.

For 5 months, more than 150 companies offering 250 developer positions around the world took part in the beta phase and received more than 1200 applications, including several happy hires: we're proud of that.

Although these are true metrics of success, thanks to your feedback, we got the feeling we could do better. However, right now, there are some other projects we would like to concentrate on, so JobStore will take a break. But it shall be back in the future, upgraded with a twist, because we're sure we can create a service even more efficient, fun and disruptive... and because we think you deserve this level of quality.

In our opinion, a startup's ability to constantly test new ideas and learn lessons is critical. We try to do that as much as we can. Try and experiment. Imagine something, ask you what you think, keep it or trash it. We're lean and we want to go on like this. We hope you'll agree with us on this point.

Thanks to all of you who've tried JobStore and congrats to those who landed great jobs! You can of course still apply to our sponsors through the WorldCups that take place every two months, and through the Sponsored Puzzles :)

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