Clash of Code - Time has come for a Clash


The open Beta of Clash of Code has been on for a few days now and your first feedback are really positive. CoC is a new multiplayer gaming mode where you can challenge your friends in short coding battles. The aim is to solve a given puzzle within the constraints of a given game mode. 

Here are 3 good reasons why you should love trying it:

1. You will have lots of fun challenging your friends or other CodinGamers 

We've created Clash of Code the way we, as coders, would enjoy it the most: something cool to play with for a coffee break, fun and laid-back. 
You can choose either to launch your own Clash and wait for players to join or invite people you know (you follow) to join your game, or you can decide to join an existing Clash choosing one from the lobby.
At CodinGame, our favorite session is the tech team lunch-time Clash. Addictive and always challenging, even for those who've created the questions :)

2. It's ready to jump in and easy to play with

Most importantly: it's short. Exercises have very concise statements that won't ask you to figure out for minutes what you need to do. There 3 available duration for Clashes:
  • "Fastest": 5 minutes 
  • "Coffee Break": 10 minutes 
  • "Reflection": 20 minutes 
You'll enjoy the challenges whatever your programming skill level: the outcome of a Clash will essentially depend on the people you will play against, and how fast they can be.

3. It will help you progress in your favorite programming language or learn new ones

There are 3 different modes to play with, that are randomly applied when a Clash is launched:
  • Fastest: the aim is to be the first one to solve the problem. This mode is particularly interesting to train yourself to code as quick as possible.
  • Shortest: you have to write the shortest solution possible. This mode is the most appropriate to learn to write compact and efficient solutions. It encourages you to learn new syntactic sugar in your favorite programming language
  • Reverse: you have to code without being able to see the statement. This mode is perfect to find the logic of a specific problem before starting to code the solution, as a kind of enigma.

Let's Clash!

Any suggestions? Don't hesitate to tell us what you think on the dedicated thread on the forum.


  1. How are points calculated?

    1. Hi, we are using a TrueSkill type ranking system (TrueSkill is used by Microsoft to rank a large number of players on mulitplayer games on Xbox).