Back To the Code - Day 4 Update


It's been 4 days since the launch of the Back to the Code multiplayer contest and tension is at its utmost...

BTTC is the contest which records the most massive participation in the entire history of CodinGame! There are 6000 entrants so far, and 1600 players have pushed a first version of their AIs into the arena.
The launch of the contest went pretty well, though it took a few minutes for players to obtain a first positioning in the rankings. Calculation is much smoother now and we've added some more servers in anticipation of the rush that will occur over the last minutes of the contest on Sunday, October 4th.

As far as strategies are concerned, there are continuous unexpected outcomes and twists in the leaderboard. A handful of players are starting to come up with very interesting defensive approaches in which they manage to color large areas quickly to prevent opponents from capturing them.

We're surprised that the option to go back in time has been quite under-exploited so far to counter those defensive strategies. The key of this contest will be on how you will be able to optimize your use of it.

Offensive strategies have started to flourish here and there, allowing some players to reach a good position in the rankings (example of a Replay for a "tag-alone" strategy: ... but this is not enough to stay in the Top 100!

Just like every other multiplayer contest, you need to adapt your AI for 2, 3 or 4-player configurations. Some CodinGamers unfortunately found out that they were stuck in a duet against one opponent while a 3rd one took the opportunity to win over large areas in the game...

For now, LightWarrior, Yngvi and Aishuu are holding the top of the leaderboard, but there is still everything to play for in the coming days!

The end of the contest will be on Sunday, October 4th.

GL everyone :)


  1. thanks guyz!
    hey, don't put MP games too often, else i'll ve no life anymore :p
    good luck to your adminsys :P

  2. Nice! Excited to hear that the game has been so successful! Got slammed at work & have hardly had time to do anything at all!

  3. It's easy if you think how to play, but really hard, it's need a powered strategy to become at top 😀

  4. It is still not clear how winners are going to be determined :)