New CodinGamer Profile & Achievements


We've been told that one of the most important things for you as a CodinGamer is - besides having fun coding - to be able to track your progress on the platform and see how you're ranked against the other coders of the community. Therefore we've updated your CodinGamer profile so that it better reflects your programming skill level and progress.

All in all, the redesigned profile will give a better overview of your strengths as a programmer. This has been done in two ways:

1) Your activity

When clicking on your avatar on the top left corner of the menu, you access the "My activity" tab which presents a summary of your programming activity.

On the left are displayed the most difficult achievements you've unlocked so far. The graph on the right represents your progression and corresponds to the overall number of Coding Points you've earned. The different ranking levels have been modified and are now better distributed from Rookie to Guru (yes, it will be more difficult to become/stay a "Guru" now...).

 CodinGamer's Profile

2) Your achievements

On the second tab of your profile ("Achievements"), you can see a recap of the achievements you've unlocked. They are classified by categories (Contests, Coder, Puzzles, Social) and you have a clear view of the achievements that have not been unlocked yet. It gives you hints for what you can do next to win new badges and complete your profile.

Note: Every CodinGamer's profile is public, so you can easily see where your friends/followers are standing.


  1. Hi,

    I have participated in the "Back to the code" contest and have been awarded few hundreds CP yesterday.
    BUT, today, they are gone!
    Could you please explain to me why I have lost those points and seen my ranking decreasing?
    At least, please do notify the players when such issues arise.


  2. Sorry, this is just a temporary loss, you are going to get your points back.
    We had an error in the system that caused the "Back to the Code" to disappears for one day. We have fixed the problem and points should be back. We are still working to reward point of associated achievements. They should attribuated soon.
    Thanks to have reported it!