New calculation of Coding Points and Rank


So far, the calculation of your Coding Rank related to the number of Coding Points earned was not optimal. Even worse, with the recent launch of Optimization Puzzles, some of you saw their global score reach record highs, quite easily.

That wasn't totally fair, especially for those who had been taking part in WorldCup Contests for a while, or who had unblocked loads of achievements on their profile.

So we came up with a new calculation of the Coding Rank:

  • Now, the amount of Coding Points you can earn through Optimization Puzzles is somewhat limited,
  • Scoring linked to achievements has changed also, it's more balanced to give more points to each difficult achievement won,
  • And for WorldCup Contests, we only take your 3 best scores/participations into account, so that you are always encouraged to try your luck without the risk to see your ranking fall if you don't perform as much as expected in a competition.

That should be easier now for new entrants to quickly challenge "historic" players instead of staying forever behind, without any possibility to catch up. That should be more fun and more challenging for everyone, basically.

So what do you think?
Tell us your feelings on the dedicated post on the forum or here in the comments.

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