Become a Computer Science volunteer teacher with TEALS


Today we're glad to tell you about TEALS, one of our partners that works hard to teach programming in high school though a network of volunteer teachers.

In the US, with software engineers in high demand in the private sector, schools often cannot find instructors with a computer science background, and they struggle to compete with the compensation packages offered in industry.

TEALS is a non-profit organization leading a program to help high schools start a sustainable computer science program through partnerships between teachers and volunteer computer scientists teaching together in the classroom. Volunteers teach a CS class 2-3 mornings per week before going to work, and help train a high school teacher from another discipline in computer science.

For the 2015-2016 school year, TEALS is working with 170 high schools across the US (full map here:, and is looking for individuals with a computer science background (from college or industry) to sign up as volunteer CS teachers in a local high school.

To learn more about TEALS volunteers program and submit a volunteer application go to:

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