[New feature] With CodinGame Sync, you can now use your own code editor


Hi everyone,

Today, we're very glad to introduce a new feature many of you were waiting for (crafted with love by SaiksyApo who's currently staying with us for a few months smiley): CodinGame Sync, a Chrome Application/Extension that allows you to synchronize an external file with the CodinGame Editor via file sharing, so you can use your own native code editor (Eclipse, Emacs, Visual Studio, etc).

Please, we'd really appreciate to have your feedback on it! It's still in Beta version so any comment will help us improve the feature.

Thanks for checking!

How to Install:

You just have to install the application AND the extension from the Chrome Store:

What can CodinGame Sync do for me?

  • Synchronize a file used in your own code editor with CodinGame Editor and vice-versa
  • Can be configured to automatically launch a play after a code change
  • Prompt you to save your code after a “Fight in Arena” submit
  • Can do all these things in background or windows mode
  • Neither the application nor the browser does need the focus to be synchronized (quite cool for those with multiple screens)
  • And with a lot of options to suit all your needs
  • ….

Why do I have to install an Application + Extension?

The new Google SLA now differentiate the file system (i.e. your pc) and the DOM (the content of a web page).
So, we had to create:
  • a Chrome Application that allows CodinGame Sync to access your file system in Read/Write mode (don’t worry, only the file and / or the history of synchronized files are accessed smiley)
  • a Chrome Extension that allows CodinGame Sync to interact with the DOM (only on the codingame.com domain)
All data and permissions used by CodinGame Sync are visible in your Chrome 'Extensions' panel details.

How can I use CodinGame Sync?

After installing the application and the extension, it’s possible to launch the application via
Settings => Use an external code editor, in the IDE CodinGame (in the same menu as the one you use for changing the coding language)

Only 2 remaining steps, and you'll be free to code in your own code editor:

Pro-tips N°1: Do NOT use a file used by your operating system smiley.
Pro-tips N°2: If the application does not do what you ask : KEEP CALM AND CLICK FASTER. (Restarting the app, or pressing F5 (IDE and/or Chrome Extension Panel) should work too) 

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