Platinum Rift II - Week 4 Update


Hi guys,

Platinum Rift II will end in 2 weeks! The rule that was chosen for this week is as interesting as tricky, so we're going to twist our weekly change a little bit and leave this rule on until the end :)

It's based on a proposal by bartalzoltan : "Fog of war".  Basically, when you start, you don't know if there is or not any platinum on a given zone. You have to visit every zone to find out. 

As for the map, the votes went for the fairest, most symmetric map ever: the one proposed by _lechium06.

Our 3 winners of the week are: grmel, Neumann, and MagAlex.

Again, we would really advise you to push your AI into the arena if you haven't done it already... If you don't submit your AI you can't:
  • win the related achievement ;-)
  • get ranked in the leaderboard
Good luck for the days to come!

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