Platinum Rift II - Week 2 Update


Of course, last week was Christmas Day :) But last week also saw the election of Platinum Rift 2's new rule for week 2, which is Pirquessa's! The concept baing that of Headquarters. Pods can only spawn on a base (your HQ, only one tile) which cannot be displaced. This rule implies to completely review your strategy. Movement strategy shall replace spawning strategy, as you won't have any more control on spawning here. And of course, you will have to protect your base whatever happens, because if you loose it, you loose the game.

Needless to say, Pirquessa already won a t-shirt last week, and we don't want to be accused of favoritism. So as it is Christmas time, we had an idea. Pirquessa, if you agree, we'll let you decide who you would like to offer a t-shirt to, among CodinGamers who participated in the Rules thread in the forum: what do you think?

The new map will be that of SaiksyApo, which gathered 6 votes, and which is convenient because it is symmetric, and perfect to establish your HQ. Remember, it will be added to the previous 2 maps.

You are 2193 now playing Platinum Rift 2. And don't forget to push you AI into the arena... Yes: DO IT! You'll feel great afterwards :)

To finish with, our 3 winners topping the leaderboard for Week 2 are: whiteChess, SaiksyApo, and Crucian.


  1. halla halla halla :D , go Egypt :P

  2. These comments sounds so professional.

  3. Here is the contest to win the TShirt:

    1. +1, love the idea. Hope there will be volunteers to take up the challenge :)