Platinum Rift II - Week 1 Update


We're entering Platinum Rift 2's second week, and 1823 players have joined the battle.

355 have pushed their AI into the arena so far to fight on the map previously designed by Pirquessa, with a rule by Guian.

In the Top 3 of the Leaderboard for Week 1, Pds, Vadasz and gamoul win a t-shirt. Congrats guys :)

For Week 2's map, we've chosen goq's one called "Spiral arms" (we may modify it to make it symmetric in order to implement a future symmetric rule as well). So goq's also wins a t-shirt.

Week's 2 rule will be that of b_evieux (and one more tee ;-)): from now on, every new map chosen will be added to the previous ones (it won't replace them): we're going to pile the maps :) Each time a match will be played, a map will be chosen randomly, therefore your AI's will have to work on all the maps indifferently.

1 comment :

  1. At first sight the map looked familiar, then cup_of_tea enlightened me on chat :D
    Cool modifications to the map!