Platinum Rift II - The Ultimate Fight


We're glad to tell you that on Monday, December 15th, we'll launch a new version of Platinum Rift, the AI battle.

For this revised edition, the idea is to create a challenge that can be a lot of fun, without the problems we encountered with rankings during the first version of PR. We want this challenge to be yours. So for Platinum Rift II - The Ultimate Fight, you'll be able to participate and interact with the game in two different ways.

1 - Change the rules

For this new version, we've stated that:
  • players are automatically placed on the map in the 1st round
  • there are only one-on-one games
To start with, we've chosen a rule which adds a twist to the standard rule: in addition to standard units, you will be able to place units that cost half the price of a regular one but which cannot move. This rule is going to be active from December 15th to December 22nd. In the meantime, we'll be relying on you to suggest new rules every week! We've created a dedicated thread on the forum for you to post your ideas:

Every Friday, we'll select the most appreciated rule / the rule with the most positive comments on the forum and implement it for the next Monday.

To imagine a rule, there will be only one constraint: the rule should not modify players input or output (let's be as inventive as possible!)

2 - Create maps

We've built a map editor for you to easily create new maps:

Whenever possible, it is best to respect a ratio of about 10:6 for the map size. And for each map, feel free to specify in the comments where you wish the resources and AIs to appear.

We'd like you to suggest a new map we'll be using to launch the challenge next week. Here too, we've created a special thread on the forum for you to present your creations:

What will happen every week?

As long as the challenge will be on, every Friday, we'll select the best map and the best rule that will be added to the game for the week to come. CodinGamers whose creations are selected will win a t-shirt.

And to spice up the game a little more, we'll also offer t-shirts to the 3 best ranked players at the end of each week.

That will be the Friday PR II Update, with its winners, new map and new rule: stay tuned!


  1. I think it'd be very challenging to have every cell decide for itself where it should send units. Distributed team AI!

  2. Very good news!
    New challange with fair rules! ^^

  3. In the actual game, there is a rule that's not posted here! You can't place an unit in an hexagon you don't own

    1. You are correct. This new rule is written in the statement within the IDE.