Vox Codei | Results from the WorldCup of 09/27/2014


Vox Codei was more than a contest, it was an act of determined rebellion. Your mission? Destroy the firewall of Fate, the central supercomputer of the corrupt fascist government. Your weapon? Fork bombs strategically placed in order to infiltrate the central nervous system and render it powerless.


Vox Codei united 1,313 dedicated insurgents, and 681 among them survived until the end of the contest.

The average score for this challenge was 41%. The average time to solve the problem was 2:28:22.

The ranking et le leaderboard are here.

shilov (Java, Russia,), finished first in 00:51:03; seyguai (Java, France) finished second in 00:57:30 and nht (PHP, France -> Look at that Guru graph BTW ;-) ) finished third in 01:06:10. Congratulations guys!

In the Top 10, there were 3 Russian CodinGamers (shilov in 1st, azukun in 6th and gark87 in 10th), one American (Joodoc in 8th), one English (meiamsome in 4th), and 5 French (seyguai in 2nd, nht in 3rd, Royale in 5th (also ranked 5th in CodinGame overall contest ranking, well done!), PierralF in 7th (and 4th in the overall ranking), vorkostil in 9th).

And more generally, thanks to all of you who were present on Saturday: that was a good moment, with lively discussions on the IRC as always :)




The goal of this exercise was to help V hack into the supercomputer “Fate” from his vPad by cleverly placing fork-bombs capable of destroying Fate’s firewall. Depending on the case, the walls may or may not have been breakable. The first issue was to take into account that when a bomb explodes, it explodes in three rounds and you had to think 3 turns ahead to take this into consideration. For this reason, you had to be aware to keep a representation of the map and update it accordingly.

Another problem was that bombs could be deactivated by unbreakable walls. For the first three test cases, there were as many bombs as breakable walls and it sufficed to place the bombs next to these walls. In the next 6 test cases, however, there were fewer bombs than walls. So, it was necessary to place each bomb strategically so that it could destroy as many walls as possible.

In the last and 11th test, placing the bombs where they would do the most damage stopped working. You had to “backtrack” with a good heuristic so you could realize that you did not have enough bombs to finish. The solution? Optimize.

And for those who couldn’t get enough, we created a bonus level “Vox Codei-Redux” with walls that moved and you can find it in the “Very Hard” Games section.


There were no big changes concerning the most popular programming languages: Java, C++, PHP, C#, and Python remain in the Top5. Bash, this time, declined in popularity :-(


For the first time, Groovy ranks first, followed by rising languages such as Dart, Ruby, Go et Scala.


The top 5 most represented countries are: France, USA, India, Russia, and Morocco.




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