It's Showtime!


Hi everyone,

We've worked hard for you in the past months and it's been a crazy summer. But man, was it worth it: the new CodinGame platform is officially up and running! It's a totally different look with plenty of new features, and we hope you'll like it as much as we do.

What about the new stuff?
  • IDE: it's been revamped. The new video player is crazy, and you'll love the test case buttons (especially the one that allows you to launch them all at the same time). Also, for each puzzle, a piece of code is now automatically generated to parse STDIN and let you focus on the cool part of the job :) 
  • Onboarding: newcomers can now master the STDIN/STDOUT science without pain thanks to this fun new tutorial
  • Solo Mode: you can now keep track of your progression in your profile page. For each puzzle you try to solve, your latest code will be saved. Check out all the achievements you can now unlock!
  • Multiplayer: bot programming made easy. "Pokerchip Race" is the upcoming game in partnership with Winamax and will just be insane. Pre-register now!
  • Worldcup Contests: ready to see how you stack up? Next contest "Vox Codei" will be on Sept 27. Can't wait for it :)
We would really like to hear everyone’s thoughts about the platform. If you love it, tell us, and if you don’t, tell us too!

Enjoy :)


  1. So, can somebody now disable the autobrakets feature of the IDE, or, even better, can somebody decide not to submit whatever there is in the IDE when the time runs out in a contest? ^^

    Either way, great job with the new interface, I really like it!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the nice comments!

      I'm adding the autobracket feature option to our TODO list. Regarding the auto-submission, this should get fixed for the next contest (Vox Codei): you will have a choice to submit what's in the IDE or your last play when the times run out.

  2. I liked the new website, just wished that VIM was improved with it. It's missing a lot of built-in features, like search ('/'), and the ability to stack commands, like copy two lines ('2yy').
    And while we are on the subject, is there a way to run the tests while using VIM?
    Other than that, really liked all the other changes, specially the "keep track of your progression" feature.

  3. Hello, I'am adding the search ('/') to our feature list. We'll also investigate the '2yy' problem.
    About running the tests in VIM mode, it is true that the Ctrl+Enter shortcut does not work. Do you know if this is a VIM keyboard shortcut that would conflict with this one?

    1. Hello, that's great news! I'm excited to use the full version of VIM in the contests ;)
      And about the tests, I don't think Ctrl+Enter is a VIM shortcut, so it would be awesome if we could run tests with it, like in the other editors.

    2. OK for Ctrl+Enter, we''l check what we can do!
      Unfortunately, the search feature is not plugged yet in the component we use for the editor so it will not be available soon. The good news is that we will fix the '2yy' problem for the next contest.

    3. No worries! Glad that it was added to "next features", and that I'll be able to use '2yy' on the next contest.