Shadows of the Knight | Results from the WorldCup of 06/28/2014


The Shadows of the Knight contest of June 28th requested you to foil the evil plans of the outrageous Joker who once again plotted to spread evil in Gotham, threatening the life of innocent civilians... Although it was not as easy as it sounds, most of you managed to sort things out by showing a great deal of imagination and creativity in your solutions.


The Shadows of the Knight contest was our last event before summer vacations. It brought together 1372 entrants, of which 700 finishers managed to reach the end. Congratulations to all of you!

Only 3 participants obtained a 100%, bravely standing on the podium. The average score for this contest is 32%, with an average time of 2:43:19 to solve all the puzzles.

It's Gangrene (Python, France), also ranked first for the previous contest, who finished on top of the podium in 1:34:48, followed by Shef (C++, Ukraine) and MockingHawk (France, C++) who is only in his second year at Louis-Le-Grand high school: welcome to the Top CodinGamers rankings :)

Hats off too to Eldritch[AUBAY] who brilliantly represented the Aubay team, finishing 10th in global rankings and 1st in C#.

The rankings and the leaderboard by language with the links to the source code of participants are here: to see the source code with a replay of the game click the { } buttons on the right (in the "Analysis" section, click the "play" buttons next to each test case to visualize the different graphic renderings or watch the whole scene in debug mode).


1st puzzle: Shadows of the Knight - Level 1

The goal for this puzzle was to help Batman locate the hostages threatened by a bomb and held prisoner by the Joker in the room of a building, to reach them and disarm the bomb before it explodes, thanks to a special detector. As for the implementation, it was purely a two dimensional dichotomy: you had to constantly reposition Batman in the center of the rectangle representing all the possible locations where the hostages could be. Some contestants wandered off on false paths trying to go forth step by step or tracing a diagonal following the direction indicated by the detector, but these methods unfortunately did not prove to be the most efficient ones :)

For this one you still had to locate - and save - the hostages, but this time you were not provided with the direction of the bombs. The detector only indicated if Batman got closer to or further away from his target (getting "warmer" or "colder").
So once more you had to implement a dichotomy variation, trying to cut in two the remaining zone to explore. If this method worked quite well for the first test cases, for the last ones, you had to find the optimal heuristic (empiric method): for example, by replacing yourself in the center of the zone when it had become impossible to cut it. Some of you chose an easier way and segmented the remaining zone vertically or horizontally, whereas others ventured to cut the zone on a diagonal axis, with very mitigated results (it worked on small maps but not on bigger ones).

(You can redo the contest via the training page)


For this edition, Java (89 CodinGamers) loses ground compared to C++ (113 CodinGamers), Go wins 4 places (with 8 CodinGamers), Bash and Groovy continue to progress, and only 1 courageous contestant tried his luck with the newly-supported VB.NET!

Congrats to the regulars who once again monopolized the first places in the rankings by languages:  Gangrene (Python), xylo (C, 88%), 40R15T3 (Dart, 88%), romainp (Ruby, 81%), and t2_cyborg (Perl, 61%).

And congratulations to the other CodinGamers who also won a t-shirt: Asterix (Java, 88%), Zbug (PHP, 88%), mgautier (Python 3, 94%), u (Go, 81%), kameleono (Scala, 63%), dede85 (Pascal, 50%), Balazuc (Bash, 75%), Frizlab (Objective-C, 81%), morf (Javascript, 88%), Almaz (Haskell, 56%), BaRoN (Groovy, 63%), and Xenocard (Clojure, 75%).


Clojure dominates with an average score of 75%, and ObjectiveC climbs its way up to the 2nd position with an average score of 58%. Groovy, Dart, Go still remain in the top 10, along with Pascal.


63 countries are represented, the top 5 being France, India, Morocco, Russia, and the United States:


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