Programming languages ranking for the 1st half of 2014

For the 1st half of 2014, we provide an overview of the most used programming languages in the context of challenges organized on the CodinGame platform, based on the scores of participants who chose to code in these languages. An insight useful for better understanding the technological choices of developers, and for recognizing the languages that have the wind in their sails. 

 Programming languages popularity and ranking

Among the 19 programming languages available on the platformJava and C++ are the two languages the most widely acclaimed by participants in the programming challenges: they include on their own more than half of the developers. Nothing very surprising about this since they are widely taught in schools and figure among the most used languages (and the most sought after by recruiters) in the professional world. In the same class of performance (a score around 45%) comes C, often chosen by juniors and students.

Python takes 3rd place in the ranking, having an excellent balance with regards to popularity and performance (score of 58%). Indeed, easily accessible, well-furnished in libraries, and not too wordy, it's a programming language that lends itself particularly well to coding competitions.

C# has risen in the rankings in recent editions and follows on the heels of PHP as much in terms of users as in scores obtained (with an average of 52% against 54% for PHP).

Finally, less common languages such as GoDart, or Scala, although appearing only recently, monopolize the top of the rankings in terms of score (60% and beyond). These languages are generally used by developers who are more experienced and versatile, who have mastered the more classic languages but, having an active technological awareness, remain particularly interested in novelties.


  1. Plan to add Swift? :)

    1. Hello danoliv,
      Not yet! We would need a Swift runtime for linux - which does not seem to exist right now. But I am sure it will, eventually...