The Last Crusade | Results from the WorldCup of 05/24/2014


1939, somewhere in the middle of the Amazon forest...
While exploring a Mayan temple still unknown to man, Indiana Jones, the greatest adventurer of modern times, finally manages to get his hands on the mystic relic of Quetzalc√≥atl, the venerable feathered serpent. Upon grabbing the precious vestige, a concealed hatch opened up beneath his feet plunging him at high speed deep into a dark and slippery underground tunnel, filled with evil mechanisms and dangerous rolling rocks... 

Your mission for The Last Crusade coding contest of 05/24 was obviously to help Indy get out of this tricky situation!


Of the 867 entrants to the contest, 533 finishers went all the way. Congrats to you all!

The contest was pretty hard. Only 8 finishers managed to get a 100%. The average score is 41%. Overall, the average time to finish the challenge was 3:28:55.

Gangrene stands on the first step of the podium, finishing in Python in 2:22:54, followed by NewboO (PHP) and azukun (C#). The three of them win a part of Indy's famous outfit :)

The rankings and the leaderboard by language with the links to the source code of participants are here: to see the source code with a replay of the game click the { } buttons on the right (in the "Analysis" section, click the "play" buttons next to each test case to visualize the different graphic renderings or watch the whole scene in debug mode).


1st puzzle: Indy - Level 1

The principle of this first puzzle relates to the laws governing falling bodies: Indy slides towards the bottom of the tunnel following some precise rules. The goal was to manage to predict the route Indy would take on his way down, according to these rules. Nothing too complex for this warm-up round: you had to find the right data structure to help you solve the problem by finding the best way to represent a room of the tunnel.

2nd puzzle: Indy - Level 2

This time, the tunnel did not offer a ready-made path to the exit. The objective was to reconstitute the path by rotating tunnel rooms to create a safe passage. Several difficulties had to be taken into account in order to write a successful program: 1) finding how to rotate each room, 2) anticipating which rooms would need to be rotated several turns ahead, 3) choosing the most appropriate path among all those created and finally, 4) being able to destroy the rocks to prevent them from squashing Indy.

The extra level: Indy - Level 3

At first, we thought we would use this even more complex version of puzzle 2 for the challenge, but we soon found out it was a little too hard to be presented for a live contest... The most adventurous of you however can try to have a go at solving it, enduring the hell of multiple rolling rocks test cases :-)  Not only will you need to anticipate Indy's route according to the rocks and forecast the time frame when rocks may appear, but also use the trick of colliding two rocks into each other to get rid of them...

(You can redo the challenge via the training page)


For this edition, C++ eclipses Java as the most popular language among contestants, and Python overtakes PHP. Groovy looses 7 positions (represented by only one contestant: GraveSnake) whereas Haskell wins 5. And we once more had only one Clojure advocate, who is Xenocard ;-)

Hats off to the regulars who have been dominating the rankings by languages for a few editions now: Gawen (Java), Gangrene (Python), azukun (C#), NewboO (PHP), xylo (C), 40R15T3 (Dart), DontRelaX (Scala) and t2_cyborg (Perl).

And congratulations to the "new" CodinGamers who also win a t-shirt: Yami (Ruby), atsju2 (Pascal), Azinya (Bash), X-PROG (Objective-C), Mad- (Javascript) and kmate (Haskell).


The gap widens between Dart and other languages, the average score for Dart being 69,3%. Bash drops from 3rd to 8th position compared to the previous challenge, and Perl records the strongest progression, its score rising from 25% to 58%.



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