Game of Drones: our new AI battle with Parrot

Game of Drones AI Battle

What if CodinGame entrusted you with a mission of the utmost importance...

Heading to the Kalahari desert with an army of drones, looking for Krysal, an unkown mineral which is supposed to contain incredible regenerating properties. Once there, what if you discovered that another enemy team was already on its way?

You have 10 days to code the best army of drones, able to compete against your fiercest opponents' bots.

Here's the new IA Battle we're proud to launch together with Parrot.

Prizes to win & Open day: get the chance to win Parrot AR Drones 2.0, Parrot Ziks, Flower Powers, and, on April 5th, get invited to a special day to meet Parrot's R&D team in the heart of Paris!

Register here to join:

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