The CodinGame challenges celebrate their 1st birthday


Today is October 25. One year ago, at the same time, our very first online CodinGame challenge took place. 400 courageous early adopters tried their luck on the platform, while drops of sweat ran down our temples. Finally, everything went fine. And it had all started.

6 editions have been held since. There are more and more of you today who take part in our contests: the CodinGame community has now more than 10 000 keen developers in 55 countries. Students, retired coders, Python heroes, Java masters, Go or Scala aesthetes, C++ diehards...

We're proud to share all this with you.

Anyway, we still have some pretty cool things in the pipeline. A very nice premiere will be announced in a few weeks... We trust you will enjoy it :-)

Happy Coding (Birthday)!

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