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It's a fact: until now, to participate in a CodinGame, you had to provide your registration information every time. Though the process was not necessarily long, it remained relatively tedious.

The good news is that CodinGame now handles personal accounts! Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Log in using Google+ or Facebook account (Github is coming soon :-)
  • Save your credentials so that you don't have to re-enter your data every time
  • View a history of your participation in the challenges
  • View a global ranking* and visualization of trends in your performance

It's interesting to note that the coder who is currently first overall in the global ranking has never actually won the first place at a CodinGame, but he has participated in all the editions and was in the Top 10 each time. The moral is, at CodinGame, perseverance and consistency in performance is more rewarding than master strokes. 

As you might have guessed, we have more improvements in the pipeline. We hope that accounts will soon enable you to obtain more statistics about your activity on, to take part in new multiplayer challenges (oops... we've already said too much), to earn rewards...

Note: if you've participated in several CodinGames and used different email addresses, contact us so that we can gather all your results on the same account: coders -at-

*How is the global rank calculated? 
If you obtain a score above 0% on a contest, you earn points. The number of points awarded by contest is calculated as follows: P = N - C + 1, where P corresponds to the number of points you earned ; N corresponds to the number of participants who obtained a score above 0% ; and C corresponding to your ranking in the contest. 

Example: N = 500 participants ; C = 120 ; P = 381 points.
The idea is that the more participants there are in a contest, the more points you earn if you rank highly. 

For each contest and each participant, points are accumulated to give a global score. Global scores are then sorted and participants obtain their global rank, corresponding to their position in the list. 

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