Space Oddity - Winners of 07/27 CodinGame


This year, we have an especially hot summer here in South of France. On Saturday, July 27, at noon, the neighborhood where CodinGame has its headquarters was almost desert. We couldn't help thinking a lot of people in our place would have fled to the beach. That would be forgetting that at CodinGame, a challenge is an utterly important ritual none of us would ever miss. Even if it's hot, even if it's happy hour time, and even if it's midsummer and that the Mediterranean is only a 10 minute drive away.

So the whole CodinGame team was on board in the beginning of this Saturday afternoon, and we kept wondering how many of you among the 2157 entrants would persevere.

Guess what? 758 of you played the game until the end.
We were staggered.


1st exercise: Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants: the aim was to find the longest chain of interdependence between people (ex: LinkedIn). What was difficult was to rebuild the chain of relations from several different entry points (and thus to identify all the entry points from the beginning).
The average time spent to pass all test cases of this exercise was 29'48''.

2nd exercise: Surface:  there you had to calculate surface areas of water (lakes) on a map. The difficulty was to avoid a too simple recursive approach, which drawback was to eat up too much memory. It was better to choose a stack/caching approach.  
 The average time spent to pass all test cases of this exercise was 54'15''.

You can of course do these exercises again on the training page.


You can find the ranking here:!ranking:10


Although we all found that completing the May edition in 30 minutes was a kind of superhuman performance, this time we faced the arrival at 1st place of an extra-terrestrial coming from outer space, a sort of unknown comet, a true Captain Future who does not belong to our galaxy: "uuu".

uuu, that's how he's called, wrapped it all in... 13 minutes 35 seconds (average time to complete the challenge was 2 hours 46 minutes). In C++. Nothing to say (except: how the hell is it possible??? :-) )
r0m1 took the 2nd place (28'36'' in Python) and medhi  reached the third step (34'35'' in C++) with supernatural delivery times as well.

Big up to the 3 of them!


We had a lot more entrants for this challenge than we had for previous editions, with 2157.  This can be explained by the fact that a lot of newcomers coming from 44 different countries took part in the challenge.
Saturday, there were CodinGamers everywhere on the planet, and we're very glad with that. Among the top 5 of most represented countries: India, Morocco, France, Tunisia, and the US.


See you on September 28!


Go to Peekmo, who provided full support especially during the first hour and Kiticoder, for her cheerful feminine presence on the chat :)

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