The curse of test 5 | CodinGame winners for 5/28/13 (2/2)

Unlike in sports, with code, there can be false-starts that result in success.

On IRC, once the ritual wave of trolling had passed, pressure began to mount. You could almost feel the adrenaline on the channel. The comments became more and more infrequent. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the countdown to the fateful “go”. 7:58 … :59 … 8:00.

And then … nothing.

8:00:30 … 8:00:45 … If you felt a bit anxious on your side, you can imagine that at CodinGame, the stress levels had exceeded all critical levels. We checked the scalability of our servers – we’re ready for 1,100 people? It should work, so …. WTF?

That’s when everything returned to normal …

The last, urgent calls from those who had not received their login link by e-mail (a classic ;-) )

And welcome encouragement from recruiters who were there to support you (pretty cool, huh?) …

Question 1 was handled well as a whole, and even if test 5 gave some people a hard time …

… others were happy enough with it.

For the second exercise, it was clear that opinions were mixed. Natural sciences are clearly not everyone’s cup of tea.

That’s when the axe fell: the first entrants had finished.


The level went up, and the global average went down (42% this time)!

You can find the ranking here :!ranking:8


Bravo to mYk, our guest recruiter and star technical director for Polyconseil, who finished with a brilliant 100% in 31 minutes, 48 seconds.

Just behind him was CodinGame VIP and Podium regular Rogdham, who came in at 32:03.

And finally nick, who wrapped up without errors in 34:34. Nice and neat.

So: debate: is it human to finish the challenge in 31:48?


Thanks to everyone who spent their evening with us. The level is clearly going up, and that’s a good sign. Your positive feedback on IRC/Twitter/e-mail is encouraging, and also pushes us to improve on each challenge.

Rest assured that we still have several cool things in the pipeline.

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