CodinGame for 5/28/13: What’s New


For this edition, we’ve addressed an important issue: time management. Not being able to go back once a question had been submitted was a stumbling block for many of you.

So we’ve put into place a “global time” to finish the contest. This time is noted at the top of the IDE, it counts down and ends at the same time for everyone. There is a fixed timeframe for coding, but with that said, everyone can manage their time as they wish. It is possible now to go back to previous questions to refine your solutions until the last minute of the challenge. It is also possible for latecomers to log in to the competition midway, but the missed time cannot be made up and they’ll really have to blow everyone away to finish on time.

And for those skilled in Javascript, we’ve added it to the languages already available (C, C++,C#, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby).

Enjoy !