Golden Developers | CodinGame winners for 1/29/2013


This was tough. Clearly tough. We admit it: the CodinGame challenge of 1/29 was no bed of roses!
Congratulation especially to all those who joined and tried their luck, sometimes until the last seconds, to solve all of it.

The IRC chat was going strong, and in chatting with you, we could feel that on the other side of the screen, you were racking your brains.
As it went on, we appreciated the sense of fair play among the IRCers (that’s what makes us feel OK with leaving the chat open during the contest, that everyone is playing the game and giving others a chance to think, even if requests for help are sometimes pressing).


So, finally, here are the rankings of the 349 of you who, of the 1267 entries, finished the challenge:

The average score for all participants was 31% (yeah, it was that hard!)
And the average time to complete the challenge: 3 hours 17 minutes.

As always, the source code of participants is shared (as provided by the rules of the contest, it falls under the GPLv3 license), and can be accessed by clicking on the nicknames.


The podium was especially hard to mount this time.
Congrats and a sincere hats-off to these 3 very talented developers:
1. Blabla404 (100% in 1:39:20)
2. obourgain (100% in 2:59:34)
3. reno (97% in 2:18:46)

And now that the ranking is complete, we can clearly see who is going to come away with a Raspberry Pi + accessories (the Top 10):


And now to revisit the challenge after the challenge, visit the Single Player Puzzles page (Chuck Norris, Super Computer, The Resistance)



The little stat of the day, which we always like to give after a challenge, is the total number of online executions/compilations recorded by our servers (that is, the total number of clicks on “play”): 31,542! That’s 1.5 times more than last October :)

Response rates to the three questions

93% of you gave a solution to the 1st exercise.
80% submitted a solution to the 2nd exercise.
And just 64% of you took a stab at a solution to the 3rd exercise!

Languages popularity 

Successful entries

22% of participants managed to pass all the validations of exercise 1 (and got the max point total)
5% of participants successfully passed all the validations of exercise 2
And … 0.36% (just 2 persons :) ) successfully solved exercise 3

Average score by language

Watch out – the trolloscope is on ;)


Thank you all for being there!