19,511 | CodinGame#2 winners for 10/25


19,511: that’s the number of clicks on “play” In the online IDE that were recorded during the four hours of the contest on Thursday, 10/25.

In the end, everything went very well, and the Amazon Cloud didn’t let us down :) We had a good time and we hope that that was also the case for those who participated.

Here are some notable figures for CodinGame#2:
  • 14 participating companies
  • More than 30 positions to be filled
  • An average of 50 candidates per company
  • 400 coders registered
  • 268 started the contest
  • 220 finished it
  • 150 chose to apply
  • 42 coders participated on-site
  • 5 Nexus 7 winners for the top 5 in the ranking: Loïck, Gilles, Chessnico, Sed et Igor

The final ranking:


Loïck agreed to share his solutions (coded in Python) here:
Exercise 1: paste.isomorphis.me/D4N
Exercise 2: paste.isomorphis.me/j1d
Exercise 3: paste.isomorphis.me/3N7

And to revisit the games, go to the CodinGame Single Player Puzzles page: http://www.codingame.com/puzzles (ASCII Art, Stock Exchange Losses and Network Cabling)

Thanks to everybody, and return next January 29 for CodinGame #3!

Below, some photos of the small event we organized in parallel in Montpellier. Thanks to the 42 coders who made it there, as well as the 250 others online :)